About Cheddar Vale Lions Club (CIO)

The name of the Club was recently (June 2019) amended adding the letters (CIO). This means that the Club has now re-registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This commitment was made by the Lions Multiple District U.K. to ensure that all Lions Clubs are fully compliant with the regulations of the Charity Commission. Cheddar Vale Lions Club has now achieved this new registration and been awarded the Registered Charity number, 1184104, which will appear on all their administration for the future.  It also ensures that members of the public donating to Lions Clubs can be assured the funds raised are used totally for charitable purposes.

Cheddar Vale Lions Club has been serving the community of the Cheddar Valley for over forty-eight years  and endeavours to help, not only those in need locally, but also in times of crisis helps raise money for disasters in our own country and throughout the world such as the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The Club is always looking for ways of helping the community, whether it is giving financial support towards youngsters doing voluntary work abroad, providing materials for refurbishing community halls, or providing wheelchair access to schools etc., never be afraid to ask. All requests are looked at individually and judged on merit. Throughout the year Cheddar Vale Lions can be seen out and about in their bright yellow tops, chatting with the locals and visitors at the events they organise. The Club serves the villages and surrounding areas of Cheddar, Shipham, Axbridge, Wedmore, Lower Weare, Rooksbridge, Draycott, Rodney Stoke, Winscombe & Sidcot.  

Donations over the past years have been to Cheddar Foodbank, Children's Hospice South West, Cheddar Scouts, Shipham Scouts, Cheddar Guides, Lions Brass 4 Youth Band, Cheddar Valley Music Club, The Space and other organisations/individuals.  All requests for assistance are considered, whether they be for grants or help with fundraising.

Help us to continue our work in the Community by supporting the events we hold or joining us as a member