Bristol Water and Cheddar Vale Lions empty the 'Wishing Pool' annually. Our Wishing Pool is not a conventional well but a gridded area alongside the weir where money can be deposited.  As you can imagine the coins emerge covered in weed and dirt, as well as being wet, so it takes several Lions quite some time to get it all clean, dry and bagged up ready for the Bank.  The pool was emptied in October 2021 and yielded our biggest haul of coins to date - £1.361 

We are extremely grateful to everyone that throws their loose change into our 'Pool'. The money goes towards our community projects and events within the Cheddar Valley. Half is donated to Bristol Water's Charity - Water Aid - as they assist with the care and emptying of the Pool.

THANK YOU  The water was pumped out and the Wishing Well emptied in October 2021

Down the PoolBuckets of Coins retrieved from the PoolGroup photo with Bristol Water


 Picking up the coins that didnt make the target!