Young Ambassador of the 21st Century

It is a misconception that all young people in the community are selfish and uncaring, as the media often portray them.  Instead, many show a great deal of care and compassion to people within the community. 

The Lions Young Ambassador scheme acknowledges the work of young people working as volunteers and gives them the recognition they deserve, boosting their self esteem, their confidence in themselves and highlighting the charities and volunteer groups with which they are involved. 

The Clubs of LCI District 105SW begin their search for candidates in March/April through Schools, Youth Clubs, Scouts & Guides, Churches, St John Ambulance Brigade, Red Cross and other Youth Organisations. 

The South West District finals are held in November with the winner competing in the Multiple District finals in February.  The winning candidate then represents the Multiple District in the European Finals held September/October of the same year. 

A bursary of 500 is awarded as a District  winner with the Multiple District candidate receiving 1,000.  The bursaries are to be used towards the welfare work within the candidates projects or for training to develop the candidates potential in carrying out this work.  All other participants in the Multiple District Final receive a bursary of 500.

This year Cheddar Vale were fortunate to have a candidate represent the Club and whilst Amy-Leigh didn't win she was a worthy runner-up and we must congratulate her for giving a great presentation of herself on the day.  We wish Amy-Leigh every success in the future, and will keep in touch and follow her progress in the years to come.  WELL DONE AMY.

Candidates Young Ambassador Competition   Lion Sylvia Cook with Amy-Leigh

If you think you are a suitable candidate and would like further information please use the 'CONTACT US' at the top of the page


Cheddar Vale were fortunate to have a Candidate for the Young Ambassador competition this year and whilst Amy-Leigh didn't win she was a very worthy runner up and a credit to herself on the day with her presentation etc.