Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range?
Cheddar Vale Lions Club welcome new members.  Any interested persons, whatever age, wishing to volunteer in their local community can come along to see if Lions suits them.

Do I have to live in Cheddar
No.  In fact we already have Lions living in Draycott, Kewstoke, Portishead, Shipham, Wedmore, Weston super Mare, Wick St Lawrence, Highbridge as well as Cheddar itself.

Is it all meetings?
No.  Cheddar Vale Lions meet once a month on the second Thursday for the Business Meeting and a convenient day to suit all for a social event most months. 

Is it a Charity?
Yes we are registered with the Charities Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation ( Charity No 1184104). This means we keep our fund raising strictly separate from our membership and administration costs, which we pay for through subscriptions. 100% of all monies we raise will go into our Charity account.  

Is it expensive?
Our 6 monthly fee is only £42, in other words just £1.62 per week, or £7 per month, so the answer has got to be "no"

Do I have to be a professional person to join Lions?
No. Lions welcome everyone from all backgrounds and walks of life, male or female, whether you are working or retired, providing you share in our objectives - to serve the local community.

How many people are there in a Lions Club?
Usually between 15 and 35, although Clubs do vary. Cheddar Vale currently has 20 members, but we are always seeking new people.

What about my family?  

Couples, singles and families are welcome to become members of our Lions community in Cheddar Vale.  We work on the principle that partners and family may support all fund raising activities and socials, either as members or supporters of Lions.

Is Lions just fund raising?
Certainly not. We have a variety of community service activities e.g. supporting youth, the elderly, those with disabilities and health & wellbeing.  Lions Clubs International Foundation also supports world-wide projects and disasters that any Clubs can support as well as their own community work.

How much time will I have to commit to Lions?
The commitment is only what you choose to make it. We find, as with most things in life, the more you can put in, the more you will get out. There is no obligation to commit a set number of hours, we try to share and set up rotas where possible.

How can I find out whether I would enjoy Lions?
Contact us via the "Contact Us" page above.  We will tell you more about Cheddar Vale Lions and Lions Clubs International, answer any further questions you may have, and invite you to an event or Club meeting. There is no obligation on your part until you are satisfied that you wish to join us.