Don\\'t throw your old glasses away we can recycle them

Recycling bins for used spectacles are in the Doctors Surgeries at Axbridge, Cheddar, Wedmore & Winscombe and NK Opticians in Cheddar. Hearing Aids can also be placed in the same bins. All glasses collected are sent to Chichester Lions Club or our Lions Headquarters where they are sorted before going to a specialist company for grading according to sight needs. Many thousands of pairs are received each year and this superb work by them and their volunteers enables glasses to be sent all over the world, giving sight and joy to many thousands who see their children's faces sometimes for the first time in years. For many it gives them the opportunity to work and support their families which they have been unable to do for some time. Sight is so often taken for granted and help is readily available to us, not so for those living in remote areas of Africa and Asia. 

Help the Lions continue this work by putting your old glasses in one of our recycling bins.  Thank you

Bring your glasses along to our Jumble & Pre-Loved Sales

A Collection Bin will be in the entrance