In 2017 Lions Clubs International celebrated their 

100th Anniversary. 

Lions Clubs throughout the world are on hand when disaster strikes ready to provide support aid immediately to those in need. 

In the last decade there have been numerous disasters, such as floods, earthquakes etc, in the UK, Turkey, Hawaii, Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Nepal, Italy, Australia and New Zealand to name a few. All have had specific needs, primarily water and shelter, but infrastructure can take years to rebuild and as with any disaster local Lions assess the immediate needs of the community ensuring that where the help is urgently needed it gets there direct.

With Haiti, Lions from Sweden and also America and Canada were already in the country on another mission when the first earthquake struck and were immediately able to co-ordinate with our headquarters in America and put in place urgent financial help through our Lions Clubs International Foundation.

The Sightfirst programme has helped 30 million people by improving or restoring their vision.

One Shot One Life (Measles Programme) with LCI working together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is helping to improve the lives of millions of children by protecting them against Measles. 

Reading Action Programme - encouraging Lions throughout the world to get involved and support children and adults with little or no reading skills, - an essential lifeskill for their futures.

These are just a few programmes which Lions are involved in. Please click on Lions Clubs International to read more.Lions Projects